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Good Finance is a member of the Good Finance Finance group. Transparent work and modern technology are your keys to increase your credibility as a fast credit granting company. Among Good Finance products you will find:

What to know about Good Finance fast loans?

What to know about Good Finance fast loans?

  • They are designed for people who need a temporary cash loan for unexpected expenses.
  • They allow you to request up to $ 850 in a maximum of 30 days. The minimum amount you can request is $ 50.
  • If you are a new customer you can request a maximum of $ 300 in a period of 30 days at 0% interest, that is, you request $ 300 and pay $ 300. Your second loan may amount to $ 400, and subsequent loans up to the maximum amount of $ 850.
  • The return period will range between 7 and 30 days.
  • Does not accept Asnef, Equifax, or Badexcug.
  • As for commissions, there are large commissions in case of default. You must pay the 1% daily up to a maximum of 200%, in addition to other expenses caused by non-payment that are not specified.
  • Commission of 0.50% for early repayment of credits over $ 200.
  • You can request extensions of 7, 14, 21 or 30 days. The cost will depend on the extension period and the amount owed.
  • APR of 32%. If you request $ 850 to be returned in 30 days, you must return the amount of $ 1,122.

How do fast Good Finance loans work?


The great advantage of Good Finance micro loans is that it allows you to obtain a first loan of up to $ 300 without interest. The operation is very simple and the money comes to your account quite quickly. All advantages! Unless you have trouble returning the money, in which case you will be charged high commissions.




  • Up to $ 300 without interest or commissions for new customers.
  • Immediate response.
  • Application and processing totally online.
  • You can request as many extensions as you wish, up to a maximum of 11 months.
  • Supports fractional payments.
  • Credit increases as you prove your creditworthiness.


  • High interest rates from the second loan.
  • Commissions not specified for extensions or defaults.
  • It does not accept that you appear in delinquent files.
  • The maximum you can request is $ 850.
  • Commissions for early return.