How to get a credit

When applying for a personal loan without payroll or a credit line with Good Finance, the first thing is to enter in the simulator of your website the number you want and the repayment term.

Study well how much money you need


The amount reaches € 3,000 on the personal loan and € 5,000 on the credit line. Study well how much money you need and don’t ask for more than that amount or it could cost you more to return it.

The other important point is the term, between 61 days and 36 months. Be realistic with the deadlines you set and keep in mind that setting too short deadlines can be a serious problem when you return it.

After entering it in the simulator

You will be asked for your ID and your phone number, to which you will be sent a code via SMS. With that, fill out a form regarding your personal data and the loan in question.

Once complete you will only have to wait for the response of Good Finance, which arrives in a few moments. If yes, they will inform you by SMS or e-mail and the money will be in your account in about 15 minutes if you share a bank (Santander) or between 24 and 48 hours if you do not share it.



Good Finance offers several options to be able to make the return:

  1. From your user account Good Finance making the payment with debit card. You can activate the automatic payment option
  2. Through your online banking.
  3. Directly at Santander bank ticket offices.
  4. By phone: contact the entity’s agents to charge your card.
  5. At the Post Office: download the voucher that you will find in your Private Area and go to any post office to make the payment.

If you cannot pay your fee on the agreed date you can postpone the return date for 30 more days by paying a commission of € 20. If you do not request this respite in your Good Finance account and do not pay the fee, a commission of 0.05% will be applied daily.