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Our friends overseas view fast micro loans as just another modern-day service that can make our lives easier. And not only when we have difficulties. Quick micro-borrowings are often taken so that they can afford something more at some point, take advantage of a short-term good opportunity, and simply enjoy more.

Still, it was hard for us to crack down on mistrust. Non-purpose Microcredit in no time, up to 3000 USD without credit check, no procrastination, unnecessary paperwork and guarantors, no complications, no masked costs…

Fast, easy and safe

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We decided to check for ourselves how getting fast Microcredit works in practice. The first thing that came to our attention when visiting the Macbeth site was a cost calculator that is easy to use and understand. We immediately liked the transparency and decided to find out more. We decided to test the effectiveness of their service by taking a loan of 300 to 3000 USD and repayment period of 15 to 30 days.

5 minutes to sign up, 15 to pay off!

5 minutes to sign up, 15 to pay off!

The application for Microcredit took only a few minutes, really. We filled out the online form on the Macbeth link and soon received a feedback regarding the required documentation. Following simple instructions, we have sent photos of your ID and bank card.

After a few moments, we received an SMS that our application was being processed. A few minutes after that, we received a message that our loan was approved and that the last step was to send a signed Loan Agreement and proof of Guarantee (in the form of a personal guarantor or in the form of a guarantee offered by external guarantee institutions), after which the money would immediately be paid. In total, 23 minutes after arriving at their site, the money was in our account! Truly, an impressive result for Macbeth!

Make the most of your opportunities

The idea of ​​an opportunity that escapes us is understandable. That’s why we like the idea of ​​fast-paced, non-purpose micro-loans that allow us to capture such moments and seize our opportunities!